Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fighting Demons

Zhang Pi wakes to the snores of the apprentices. Slipping from his straw bed, he pads shoeless past the forge, to Master Ma's sword in its place of honor on the smithy wall. The simple white hilt smolders red in the forgelight.

When the others awake, this will seem a thievery. It is regrettable. But Pi's sword was  left behind, with his true name.

Pi grimaces, and lifts the sword, and does not feel the slightest eagerness at its perfect balance in his hand.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Next Big Dragonslayer

The Next Big Dragonslayer
"Thing is," Ril tells Norry, "I'm not even sure she wants a new broom. But day after day--"
"Lannald will give you credit," Norry says. "Let tomorrow worry about itself. A happy wife makes a happy husband, I say."
Ril shakes his big head ruefully. "I'm more than this," he says, sweeping his hand to take in all of Slayer's Rest. "One day, Norry."
"One day we'll all eat cake and--hold on. Who's that, then?"
That is the tall, fierce-bearded man leaning casually against the bar, talking to Jick, the owner.
"Dunno." Ril squints through the torch-smoke. "Looks tough enough. Think he's a slayer?"
"We're about to find out," Norry says.