Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Love Underground

The vampires drop in flights, their shadows blocking the starglitter as they fall. Cameras capture the images but no one watches the cameras anymore.
Tonight in the shelter, Sumi huddles with Allison, bodies pressed together in the dark, breath mingling.
"At least it would be over," Sumi breathes.
Her breast presses against Allison's shoulder. Allison holds her breath and her silence.
Moments pass like hours. In the darkness, the others sleep and rustle and cry.
"We have to live," Allison says at last. You have to live, she means.
"For what?"
"For--" me, Allison wants to say. "--books."
Sumi snorts.  "The headmistress would be proud of you."
If she hadn't already been eaten, Allison hears, though Sumi does not say it. Allison puts her hand on Sumi's shoulder.
"This isn't life," Sumi says. "This is hiding, and being afraid. And I don't want to be afraid."
Allison's heart quickens and her arms wrap around Sumi. "You don't--"
"--have to be afraid? Please." Sumi snorts out another breath that smells like iron. They're down to eating rats in the darkness, now.
Allison touches Sumi's face. "Alone, I was going to say."
"Oh." Sumi stiffens. "Oh!"
Allison bends Sumi's neck. Kisses the pulse in the hollow.
"Stop," Sumi murmurs. Then, sharply: "Allison, I said stop."
Allison does not stop. Her muscles bunch. Sumi groans. Sighs.


This Reddit challenge was to write an up-to-300 word  story without using adjectives. I took some liberties with possessive pronouns, 'cuz I had to.  My random story generator gave me a Type S story (schoolgirl) with sensory input of "twinkling" and a conflict of "besieged by the enemy", and a few other things I don't remember if I incorporated or not, but I like the moodiness of this anyway.

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