Sunday, September 22, 2013

What is Absurdism?

Overtly Absurdism seems to me to be about imagery and incongruity and the illogical extension of logical conclusions.

Secretly, it's a matter of putting the correct badgers in the correct desk drawers.

Because if you put the wrong badger in the wrong desk drawer, then the guy sits at his desk, opens the drawer, takes out his pencil and says "what the fuck, there's a badger there." Calls the ASPCA, but they don't do badgers; calls the police but they tell him that all they can do is recommend a gun permit, ever since the Arm Yourself! Act of 2012. Meanwhile the badger's just sitting there batting its badger eyelashes at the guy in a way that makes him very uncomfortable in his Dockers, so he excuses himself, goes to the bathroom, and does something you shouldn't do at work. Of course he gets caught by the cleaning lady, who shrieks and runs and inadvertently skewers her own head on a mop handle, falls over dead as a dead thing. Now the guy's pants down and half-flaccid, trying to figure out how to feed a cleaning lady to a badger and what to do with the leftover parts.

If you'd put the right badger in the right drawer, the guy'd be missing a hand but at least he wouldn't be surfing Google looking for 1001 Things To Do With a Leftover Armpit.


From a reddit/r/writing discussion. Congruence to the actual definition of "absurdism" may be minimal, but I can live with that.

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