Thursday, January 16, 2014

And now for something completely different

A cute little children's story!

If anyone wants to illustrate this, I'd be happy to pair up.


This is Cecelia.

[Picture of a little girl, cartoon style, against a green and happy background]

This is Cecelia's friend Aldo.

[Picture of a large black dog]

Aldo is Cecelia's favorite dog because he can do tricks. He can play fetch.

[Cecelia, against the happy green background with a big yellow sun, throwing a reasonable size stick stage right]

But sometimes he fetches the wrong thing.

[Aldo returning from stage right with a fence post]

He can do tricks.

[Cecelia on a ladder, with a bone held out before her]

Though sometimes they don't work out so well.

[Ladder overturned, Aldo atop it, Cecelia underneath. Aldo is licking her face and she's smiling, unhurt]

One day, Cecelia and Aldo went with their parents on vacation.

[Cecelia and Aldo in the back of a station wagon, on a cartoon highway]

To the desert.

[The page is white. The car is tiny against the white. Faint wavy lines indicate dunes.]

At first it was fun. They hiked.

[The page is white. Four figures, the parents holding hands. Smiles!]

And always drank plenty of water, to be safe.

[Cecelia with a canteen, smiling. Aldo happy and pink-tongued alongside her.]

But then Cecelia's parents got sleepy from the heat, and fell down.

[The two parents laying still facing up, Xes for eyes]

At first Cecelia was worried.

[Cecelia looking worried]

But they were just sleeping. And the desert was very big and exciting. And Cecelia felt great! So she and
Aldo went on for just a little longer.

[Picture of the two of them, tiny against the white, with faint wavy lines indicating dunes]

They found lots of new friends to play with. Like snakes.

[Picture of a smiling snake in a blue baby bonnet]

And scorpions.

[Picture of a smiling scorpion in a pink dress]

And a hermit!

[Picture of a smiling hermit, dirty and ragged but happy]

The hermit was not so nice to play with.

[Picture of a shiny silver knife]

Aldo tried very hard to be a good friend to Cecelia.

[Aldo, teeth bared, leaping at the hermit]

But he died.

[Aldo, cut a hundred times, blood black against the white, Xes for eyes.]

The hermit brought Cecelia back to his cave.

[A cave full of bones, all child sized.]

He cut her head off.

[Cecelia's face, horrorstruck, Xes for eyes]

And turned her into a very nice soup.

[Huge soup kettle on a fire. An enormous carrot juts out of one end. A thigh bone juts out of the other].


This one was for a reddit /r/writingprompts prompt that asked for "an adorable children's story, that halfway through turns into its own gritty reboot"

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