Friday, February 15, 2019

"Tell me more about this God of Soup."

Schluurp, Hallowed be His Name, is generally thought to be a benevolent deity. He's worshipped primarily in the common houses, where huge pots simmer throughout the day and a man with a trencher can get thick broth and some sort of meat for a few coppers.

Like all deities, however, Schluurp (HbHN) has a darker side. "Soup needs meat," are His Words, and in places where farmers fear to tread, his priests with their flensing knives lurk in the shadows, waiting. For what, no one but the initiated truly know, but one might imagine how the speculation spreads when a drunkard fails to make it home, or a man with no home disappears.

Still and all, His pots do provide; most men make it home with full warm bellies, and if they don't think too much about what they're eating, they are happy for His sustenance.

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